The Owner of a Garden and the Garderner

9 10 2009

If one of you owns a garden and he wants to give it under the charge of a gardener, what, tell me, will be his first and foremost demand from the gardener? The owner of the garden will require nothing from the gardener save that he should improve its condition and should not devastate it. The owner would certainly want the gardener to keep the garden in the best possible condition to keep the garden in the best possible condition, to develop it to the possible extent, to endeavour his best to increase its beauty and charm and to enhance its produce.

The gardener who puts his heart and soul in his work and tends the garden with care and great skill; who arranges the passages; who tends the good trees and cleanses out all poisonous plants, brambles and dry brushes; who grows new species of fruit and flowers with his ingenuity and knowledge—such a gardener will immensely please his master. The master will promote him and well never think of sacking such an able, duty ful and hard-working gardener.

On the other hand, if the master finds that the gardener is unskilled as well as workshirker, and willfully or unintentionally causes damage to his garden; and that the garden is filled with dirt; the passages are crumbling; in some parts the water is overflowing the channels while in other parts the flower beds are parched, grass, weeds and brambles are growing wildly; the flower plants and fruit trees are being callously cut down; fine trees are withering and thorny bushes are flourishing—think then, how can he regard this gardener with favour? What kind of recommendation, what type of supplication, what sort of an entreaty, the family consideration or other self appointed rights can induce the master to continue the gardener in charge of his garden?

At best the master may relent to give the gardener a second chance with the admonition that he should mend his ways. But if the gardener pays no need to the admonition and continues the work of desolating the garden, what other alternative is there except that the master should eject him under disgrace and employ a new gardener in his place?

It goes the same for us. Earth as the garden and Allah as the owner. Think about it.



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