Nagaokamasjid’s blog was founded on 23rd September 2009 equal to 4th Syawal 1930H after a short meeting held by the members of Nagaoka Muslim Association (NaMAs).

We are focusing on telling the  public of our mission to build a mosque in Nagaoka city as symbol of Islam uniting the Ummah and as a special place for us to meet and fulfill our responsibilities to Allah and among humans. While there are hundreds of Muslims here from different races and country, Nagaoka city also had witnessed  the syahadah were recited by some of the Japaneses. Although the numbers is insignificant, but it is the proof of the relevance of Islam across boundaries and time.

Thus, we are raising fund for the realization of the Nagaoka Mosque. This effort had already started in early year 2009 and will continue eternally. The day of the establishment of the Nagaoka Mosque will be a historical moment for the Islam community here. Either YOU want to make history or to become history is up to you. So, please contact us and tell all your acquaintance about us as soon as possible.

Nagaoka Mosque Fund

Nagaoka Mosque Fund

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