Remembrance of Allah

11 10 2009

Dhikr – Remembering Allah

From Abu Huraira r.a, the Prophet said that Allah Almighty said:

“I am as My servant thinks of Me and I sit with him when he remembers Me. If he mentions Me in himself I mention him in Myself. If he mentions Me in a gathering I mention him in a better gathering.”

(Al-Bukhari, Muslim, al-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, and Ahmad)

What is DHIKR (ذکر) ? Dhikr is an Arabic word which means “remembrance [of God]”, “pronouncement”, and “invocation”. It often includes the repetition of the names of God, supplications and aphorisms from hadith literature and sections of the Qur’an. Dhikr may be individual or a ceremonial activity.

Yahya related to me from Malik that Ziyad ibn Abi Ziyad said that Abu’d-Darda had said, “Shall I not tell you the best of your deeds, and those that give you the highest rank, and those that are the purest with your King, and are better for you than giving gold and silver, and better for you than meeting your enemy and striking their necks?” They said, “Of course.” He said, “Remembrance (dhikr) of Allah ta ala.”

(Malik’s Muwatta Book 15 Hadith 15.7.24)

So, do you want GOLD or DHIKR ? Why choose gold over dhikr as dhikr can be done any time, in any place. It can be done by repeating certain formulas to extol and praise Allah, or it can be just thoughts of Allah in your’s heart and mind. So easy. How about gold?

Life as a Student

Students are greatly blessed in that they have many excellent opportunities every day to perform dhikr, but they don’t realize it. All day long in school, students learn many true facts or knowledge every day in academic subject such as math, physics, history, languages and all others which are all Allah’s. But, seldom is Allah mentioned. Why? Because we see GOLD a.k.a money from the knowledge.

How to make sure we don’t choose gold over dhikr? The secret formula is to understand that we are learning the knowledge of Allah’s Physical Creation int those academic subjects. All true knowledge is Islamic knowledge and there is Allah’s greatness in it. Even the simple 2+2=4 is Islamic knowledge and there is Allah’s greatness in it. Allah s.w.t has made His Physical Creation such that for us to succeed and progress in the world He has created for us. It is necessary to know such simple truths.

How to do dhikr when we know 2+2=4 ? Just said, “Thank you Allah for letting me know that 2+2=4, not 2+2=3” or “Oh Allah, it is wonderful how you have made numbers and math so we can count and measure“.

Or, if you were studying a foreign language and you are learning new words in that language you might say, “It is wonderful, Allah, how You have allowed people so many different ways to say the same thing“, or “I love all the different people and languages that You have placed on the Earth“.

As you can easily see, there are a huge number of things you will be taught in your classes that can serve as cues for you to remember Allah. Each of these is dhikr, and for sure, the kinds of thing that can lead us to the remembrance of Allah are virtually unlimited.

There are lots of reasons on why we should practice this kind of dhikr, and why it is important. In today’s world, we are often take the knowledge we are taught in school for granted. We usually don’t consider the knowledge we learn in academic subjects to be part of our spiritual obligation to Allah. We often consider these objective knowledge that we learn in academic courses to be separate from the knowledge of Allah (the things that we learn in religious courses). In truth, there is no separation between these two kinds of knowledge.

Isn’t it wonderful that as we fulfill our responsibility to gain knowledge of Allah’s Physical Creation during our years in school, and at the same time we also can perform dhikr! By that, we can increase our ability to benefit from that knowledge and become closer in our personal relationship with Allah s.w.t.

Remembrance of Allah through our student years can be the means for us to grow into Muslims of excellent character, who can change all the wrong things in today’s world into right, who can eventually live in a fully and truly Islamic world, and who on Judgment Day will have a very good chance of being granted the entry into Paradise. All Praise to Allah!

…and for men and women who engage much in God’s praise, for them has God prepared forgiveness and great reward.

(Al-Ahzab 33:35)

[ Reference : ISLAM FOR TODAY ]