Meeting 2010/12/03

6 12 2010

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I, Mohd Afif bin Che Roselam has been given the responsibility to replace Farhan(Moll) while his absence as secretary of NAMAS.

Below are the result that has been discussed:

Program : Islamic Cultural Party

Aim :  To introduce Islam to non muslim people

Target : Lab mate

Time : 21 January 2011(1530~)

Venue : Secomu Hall

Attendance : 50person include muslims

1. welcoming speech by FORHAD

2. intro : simple presentation by JAIS(MC) and FAUZI

3. imam talk 30minute

4. QnA

5. Food Party(videos and songs by HERMY / FOOD by SOFIAN)

*invitation card AFIF

*wordrobe SANIY

1. We decided to invite imam that can speak both language Japanese and English as the aim of the program is to introduce to non muslim people. We agreed to invite 2 imams and support the travel expenses.

2. We still not sure whether this kind of religion party need permission from university or not.

3. The date and venue for the program is depend on imam availability.