Nagaoka Muslim Association (NAMAS)


NAMAS was refounded on 11th January 2009 in a meeting held by the local Muslim community after the Friday prayers. In early 90’s, NAMAS once was an active organization in Nagaoka lead by Indonesian students and was successfully conducted daily programs for surau and also had published monthly risalah for the local Islam community.


  1. To foster the brotherhood among Muslims and improve their obedience to Islamic teachings.
  2. To cultivate the understandings between Muslims and non-Muslims in Nagaoka.
  3. To take care of the welfare and to solve the problems of the Muslim community in Nagaoka


Organization Chart for NAMAS 2010/2011

  • Chairman : Mohammed Forhad Uddin (Bangladesh)
  • Vice Chairman : Naim Othman (Malaysia)
  • Secretary : Muhammad Nur Farhan Saniman (Malaysia)
  • Treasurer : Sofian Mohd (Malaysia)

Representative From Other Countries

  • Bangladesh : Forhad Uddin
  • Indonesia : Pak Puwardi Raharjo & Pak Deden Dian
  • Thailand : Muhammad Madden
  • Sri Lanka : Althaff Irfan


  • Weekly meeting regarding the Mosque’s Project
  • Perform daily prayers including Friday prayer.
  • Perform Tarawih prayer and Iftar during Holy Ramadhan.
  • Arrange Eid prayer and Eid parties every year.
  • Conduct Iqra class for children.
  • Tazkirah and ta’alim sessions.
  • Tadarus and tafseer al-Quran every Friday Maghrib.

One response

8 11 2010

Dear all,
Assalamualikum. Hope u r all doing well. According to the news of Islamic Circle of Japan

Eid ul Adha in Japan on Nov 17,2010

Eid Mubarak to all

Take care
Allah hafiz

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